Timemore Grinder Go


Timemore brings you perhaps the best coffee grinder o f 2021, the “Grinder Go”. The Grinder Go is a USB-rechargeable, cordless, portable, conical burr coffee grinder. Good Looking, easy to use, compact, loghtweight, high-quality stainless-steel burrs, cordless, rechargeable, affordable and most importantly, super quiet. Attractive and easy to hold in 1 hand, a bean capacity of 80g (4-5 cups), grinds up to 60g (3-4 cups) at and time and will be finished well before your kettle’s boiled and you won’t wake up the household making your fresh coffee! It even switches itself off using a smart on/off switch. The stepped adjustment screw is easy to access and use, allowing for all coffee grind settings from filter up to espresso.


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