Timemore French Press 3.0


Timemore’s French press 3.0, is a touch of above other French presses. From the extra thick 3mm Borosilicate glass, Teflon lid, secondary micro filter and tea infuser, the Timemore 3.0 is a pure class. The 3.0 boasts an extra fine filter mesh with added filtration at the pouring spout. Enhanced filtration means less sediment in the cup for a smoother, more pleasurable drinking experience than traditional French Presses. No nasty leftover grinds! The 3.0 also doubles as a tea infuser. Simply turn the spout filter to the tea filter setting and transform your coffee maker to leaf tea brewer. The quality cafetiere is made from extra thick 3mm Borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is used in high-end industrial cookware because of its strength and resistance to thermal shock, making it far less liable to crack than regular glass. Timemore is a leading speciality appliance manufacturer famous for functional excellence, exceptional build quality and beautiful design. The French Press 3.0. is another uncompromising Timemore specialty product.


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