Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scale with timer


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The Black Mirror Coffee scale makes it easy to make a perfect cup, every time.

1 gram too much or too little coffee in a single serving, will make a notable difference (5-6% technically).
That’s pretty significant for a potent ingredient such as coffee, or salt. Brewing with a precision coffee scale
is the final frontier of coffee making as top baristas do.

Unlike normal kitchen scales, the Timemore Black Mirror weights in 0.1g increments, which is necessary
to fine tune a recipe. The beautiful matt black finish comes to life when the hidden LED display lights up. This finish allows it to be visible even in extreme sunlight, unlike most scales. This scale is super fast registering instantly as you pour.


  • Sleek minimalist design | No visible screens
  • Hidden LED backlit display (timer / weight / battery life bar)
  • Matte surface prevents reflection, scratching and water stains / fingerprints
  • Water-resistant nanotech coating on surface
  • Weight in 0.1g increments (0.5g min | 2.0kg max) from a single sensor
  • Surface Temperature Resistance: -10°C to 60°C or -20°C to 100°C with Silicone Pad
  • 10-hour continual use battery life
  • USB recharging 1600mAh battery for (USB type-C)
  • Can be used for espresso weighing on espresso machine
  • 5 min automatic off time
  • Toggle sounds on/off
  • Reset hole underneath
  • Comes with silicone mat (anti-skid and temperature resistant) & USB-cable (Type C)


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