Hario V60


The Hario V60 Coffee Dripper has been at the epicentre of the surging interest in speciality coffee in South Africa and across the world. It embodies the movement that has (re)embraced hand-brewed coffee alongside the more traditional espresso-based coffee culture. Specifically, the Hario V60 belongs to the increasingly popular family of pour-over coffee makers.
This simple, beautifully engineered little cone allows delicious coffee to be made easily and affordably, without the need for an expensive machine. While additional pieces of equipment like drip kettles and servers may help a great deal, all you really need to make a fantastic brew with a V60 Coffee Dripper is a kettle to heat water, fresh coffee and a cup to stand it on.
The style of coffee the V60 makes is very different from espresso – a nod to the past as much as it is a part of a new world of coffee. It is filter coffee but filter coffee made with precise control over brewing variables, allowing the natural flavours of the coffee you’re drinking to shine. This tendency to highlight, rather than alter, the coffee’s characteristics explains why it has been adopted by many roasters of high quality, single origin coffee beans all over the world.
If you’re an adventurous coffee drinker who likes to explore different flavours and experiment with brewing variables, the Hario V60 Coffee Dripper is an essential piece of coffee equipment to own.


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