About Us

Koffie Kliek was founded in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic where coffee was labelled as one of the biggest growing commodities during this period. Online coffee sales boomed as did home baristas.

We were especially intrigued by this growing trend and had the time to explore the possibilities of creating a great cup of coffee at home. We found that our usual use of plungers and percolators did not appeal to us as it used to and that automated machines and capsules could not be tweaked to accommodate our individual taste profiles. As we delved into the back hole of good coffee, we realized that we almost knew very little of this classic little bean, its rich history and the growing trend of alternative brewing methods. We desperately required more knowledge and as we did, we knew we had to share our experience, which brought us to this point.

With more time spent on exploring different specialty coffees, roasted locally, using different or rather alternative brew methods (which we never knew existed), so grew our curiosity. Little did we also know of the impact that fresh grind coffee, different grind size and water temperature and ratio over time, influenced an average cup of coffee which were contributing factors which has the ability to transform an ordinary cup to an unforgetting cup of genius. As our exploration of new and upcoming Speciality Coffee Roasters surged, we were introduced to unbelievably coffees right at our doorstep.

The more we entered the black hole, the more we learned that the traditional coffee as we grew up with and the so-called ‘supermarket coffee’ selections, were not nearly as tasteful as the freshly roasted, freshly grounded coffee on offer. It was then that we decided that we want to be part of this movement, something bigger and something new. And who doesn’t need something new once a while or even every morning.

Being the case, welcome to our coffee clique. Come and explore with us, learn new things, become part of the Koffie Kliek, an online coffee e-store, where local growers, local roasters and home brewers meet, share and enjoy the beans of life. We will focus on some of our favourite coffee brewing methods and favourite local coffee from local roasters from our beautiful land. Whether you are a newbie or a connoisseur, we will have something new and something special for you.

“Happy Clicking, You’re Welcome”