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Our Story

Koffie Kliek was founded after the exponential growth in the international coffee market during the covid-19 and the renaissance (re-birth) of home baristas. We were especially intrigued by the relatively unknown coffee makers on offer which largely had not hit our South African shores. As we explored the many possibilities of creating a superior cup of coffee at home, we found that our usual use of plungers and automated machines did not allow us to dial coffee in to accommodate our individual taste profiles.

Using a selection of freshly roasted speciality coffee, the ability to make small changes to grind setting, water temprature and brew time, we were blown away with the coffee we were able to enjoy.

As we delved into the black hole of good coffee, we realized that we almost knew very little of this classic little bean, its rich history and the growing trend of alternative brewing methods the world over. We simply knew we had to share our experience with you and so marked the birth of koffie kliek.

You’re welcome!